mirrors and clocks

music boxes, binders, switchplates, car visor and matches holder

hassacks, wine racks, magazine/towel rack

wallets, belts, buckles, sandals, hat, jacket

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The leatherwork shown on these six pages was done within the first three years of my leather craftsman career. I started with firm bridal leather. Most things were tooled or carved and sometimes wet formed. I made my own dyes from dry pigments added to denatured alcohol to get the colors I wanted. Hand mirrors had 3/8" plywood in the center. Clocks, wall mirrors, and magazine/ towel racks were backed with 3/8" plywood that was stained with a dark wood stain, then waxed. I used paint brushes, cotton diapers, daubers and Q-tips to apply the color to the leather. Sometimes 2 or three coats. Edges were stained with a black edge coat and dye mixture. The pieces were then waxed with a fine, waterproof sealant, applied by hand. It was a lot of work and my prices were low.The hand mirrors retailed for $25. It was truly a labor of love. Every piece was hand-cut and nurtured to completion by myself. I remember once a fellow leather craftsman picked up a hand mirror, took a good look at it and said to me "This is a lot of work for the money!" My reply was "Yes, I know. I must be crazy, but isn't it beautiful?" I was proud of my new art work and wanted to share it with as many satisfied customers as possible. A good number of the original slides or pictures were taken on the beach or on a burlap background. I used Photoshop to change the backgrounds for most pictures although some were left in their original form. I quite often took orders for custom work to satisfy a customers needs and stretch my creative endeavors. All sandals were custom made.