"there goes Betty!"
"the neighborhood"
"that's all folks"
This series of photographs was taken with a 4x5 camera. It was done for a project I conceived in graduate school. The concept is simple. I grew up playing with toys. Today so much of what children are exposed to comes off a screen, television or computers. Television is not interactive, so I believe there is something missing in the creative aspect of just "viewing." What I tried to express in this series is a playful interaction of toys with things that are seen on the tv that have some kind of relevance to each other. I collected boxes of toys from several families and sorted them into catagories. Then I visualized possible scenarios. I freeze framed the video on the tv screen and that was my lighting. I used long exposures to capture the ambience of the light. During some of the printing I added old 35mm negatives to the composition. I had a great amount of fun doing these photographs.
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